09 Nov 2016

well, my bet did not work out as I predicted . I made losses as TRUMP became the president. The market went down, the dollar plunged, gold rose and then everything reversed back  to its previous state. However, as I panicked and thought more will follow I reversed my positions which cost me dearly. If I had kept, I would have made the return, not a loss. I was up 1% until 1 day before the election, now, I am in a loss of -1.37% which hurts.

My mistake has I ignored Trump to win. I put less emphasis on uncertainty.  I should have been more careful, or I should have stuck to my positions at a time which was a hard decision as well as seeing the market being so volatile and everything going against me.


So, life goes on. I should be more careful. The same had happened during Brexit which I had lost considerably.

I increased my position in gold and crude oil. I believe Trump who got Texas backing in his election will cause oil prices to rise so, US companies can produce at a profit. this is a long time view , in a short term, however, the trend for oil is up, therefore, I will be following the trend. It seems gold is also back on track trying to reach 1300$ level. Trump win makes a lot of issues uncertain. As there is still transition period between presidents, uncertainty is highNov 2 – 9 statement.


I am not certain on Yen for now. Japan made an urgent meeting after the election. It is unknown where Yen will go further. Cause dollar move in the future is not completely clear. So, I will restrain myself from training yen. will focus mostly on commodities right now, as I took large positions on them.  SP 500 can stay volatile, so I am not into the US or any other stocks for a while.


Nov 2 – 9 statement


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