3 March 2017 – Big Mouth, Less Work Done!

Covered my bonds trades after yields rose sharply while I made my losses back and got out. Uncertainty unveils on bonds for now and I don’t think I will take any position soon unless I am having a clear picture. As I mentioned on my previous blog that bond prices might move on in both direction. Demand for Treasures is high as investors are rising away from EU market and long-term underperforming Japanese. However, FED rate hike is on the horizon for the March. Yellen will raise the rates which will push the prices lower but that might be a short-term effect.

pound sterling and Yen fell but the reasons were British economy uncertainty over again and Dollar strength after Trump speech. I could not watch Trump speech in Congress but when I checked the market, stocks have gone up again Trump is talking less on trade protectionism more on tax cuts, But I do not think he will really be able to deliver any promises. The guy just can’t make things happen. It’s been 6 weeks since he took the office but nothing really been done. Executive order on immigration is not working, the wall is not gonna work, building pipelines will be stuck and debated for months. Overall, Trump will always get problems when he is gonna try to deliver what he wants to. What is moving the market is, however, is confidence that he will deliver, worse happens when a market gets to understand everything was a hoax. That is the time, investors should be ready for. The time when the market turns another way around. It is hard to predict when it is gonna happen. It can be 2 days from now on or it can take 6 months rally. Therefore I will ride the tide but my finger on the button to reverse the course. That is when real money is made. When others are wrong and you are right,

Bought 18 oil futures contracts at the lower bound of the range and Sold them just on time at the peak,  prices slumped by 1.5% later If I got stuck to them it could give been a real blow to my portfolio. Gold fell as well. I bought the gold during the week as well however I did not sell my gold positions on time. I got stuck to it for a bit longer in anticipation that prices were going to rebound and fall was the just correction but now it seems gold might follow downtrend for a while I will wait and watch out my back. I bought and sold worth around 300K$ gold. My stock positions did not change a lot. I bought Apple stocks worth 40K and will keep it for now. Apple is a favorite stock of everyone including Warren Buffett. Apple is a great company with a strong moat and lower ratios.   I might buy ut f0r my real account as well.  Below was my performance for the week. I was up 1.12%.

capture du573906_20170227_20170303


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